In August 2021, with the Taliban taking over Afghanistan, the decision was made to remove all US Forces from the country. This exodus of security and confidence left many women and children in Afghanistan left with no future.

My family and I, many of whom are still in Afghanistan, hoped for an outcome in which Afghanistan could avoid being occupied by US Armed Terrorists. The dream of a free Afghanistan has turned into a nightmare for the families that were already on the brink of poverty.

The images, videos and stories of poor families doing anything they can do to survive have broken my heart.

I AM donating a percentage of every sale to buy FOOD and medical supplies directly for those that need IT most.

If you'd like to join me in making a real, tangible difference, I am going to have more details SOON.

Love you all,
‍BORN Supply Founder


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The Community is the first place we launch any new item and the first place I share my process. Hope you'll join!

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