Meet the first true sustainable luxury fashion brand

At BORN SUPPLY, we believe upcycling is cool. In a Fast Fashion world, we are taking it slow, very slow.

Fashion is most sustainable when only garments that are sold are made in the first place. Using existing textiles as the basis for our work keeps our environmental impact is near zero. In a Fast Fashion world, we are showing the industry that you don't need to over-produce cheaply made one-time wear garments to be successful.

You'll never see another one like it

Each piece in our inventory was the focus of our design team when it was made, this attention to detail creates unique garments.

Every garment we make is made with a deep connection with the past, whether it be the design or the materials used.

The Workshop

Empowering community first. Our small workshop is located in Oakland, CA. We start with timeless vintage pieces, each item is hand selected, hand cut and sewn in our workshop. Hours are dedicated to each piece with care and lasting craftsmanship. Upcycling is the only way to truly limit harm to the environment.

We're not "trying" our best to be ethical, we simply are..

The Drop, Limited Quantities

Quantities are therefore limited to the output of our factory, released in drops to the public.

BORN FOR COMMUNITYEvery month we have a limited number of openings into a small group of really amazing friends and clients. Custom and Limited Edition Items, Early Access to Restocks, and other events.  The Community is the first place we launch any new item and the first place I share my process. Hope you'll join!

-Ghesal Founder @ BORN SUPPLY

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