Rose Long Sleeve "بلوز بلند گل رز"
Rose Long Sleeve "بلوز بلند گل رز"
Rose Long Sleeve "بلوز بلند گل رز"

Your future vintage. The ties are made by hand, with additional hidden closures between them to give extra coverage when needed! Every piece is hand cut and sewn in our studio by our master seamstress. Each Blouse takes between 4 and 5 hours to create. Working with very difficult but beautiful fabrics separates our work from the dark realities of a fast fashion world.

Details + Sustainability
* All Fabric Deadstock
* Made in Our California Studio
* Long Sleeve at Wrist
* Our Chiffon Rose Blush Fabric
* 100% Silk Lined & Pouf Sleeves
* 3 Silk Handmade Ties
* Hidden Closures Between Ties
* Model is Wearing a Size Small
In very rare cases we are able to bring back an item that has Sold Out. Please enter your number and if we are able to make you one, we'll text you.

Our pieces are made from rare fabrics and materials and we only produce them for a very short period of time.
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