Designed in San Francisco, constructed by hand by master seamstresses with 35 years of experience. Feathers are limited and extremely rare due to being from the garment district in 1970’s New York, originally made for garments sold to socialites of that era, every feather hand picked for quality, matched, dyed and sewn to a high standard.

We have the only stock of these vintage feathers left in existence...

Hand Picked Vintage Levi's Jacket, Cropped and Reassembled, Hand Sewn Custom Feather Sleeves.



Replace One

Every new article of clothing made in fast fashion factories pollutes the water we drink and the air we breathe.

Commit to replacing at least one of your clothing purchases this year with an item made from vintage fabrics.

We created BORN with sustainability in mind. We're a small team creating luxury items from Vintage fabrics, one at a time.

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BORN FOR COMMUNITYEvery month we have a limited number of openings into a small group of really amazing friends and clients. Custom and Limited Edition Items, Early Access to Restocks, and other events.  The Community is the first place we launch any new item and the first place I share my process. Hope you'll join!

-Ghesal Founder @ BORN SUPPLY

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