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Ghesal to BORN Community:

Ghesal said: Hi! How’s everyone doing? I have something fun to show you before anyone sees it!

Many months ago I found some dead stock fabric. We will only be able to do a limited run. The fabric has two layers, and the painted sequins are shaped and sewn as flowers on a colorful floral print mesh base, the cuffs are vintage ostrich feathers. Spring will be here soon!

xx Ghesal 🌼💐🌸

Community to Ghesal:

Pauline said: "When will this be available?"

Alexa said: "When will preorder begin? 😍"

Raven said: "OH MY GODNESS!"

Victoria said: "OMGGG"

Bree said: "I'm ready!"

Lauren said: "Is there a preorder on this?" 

Haley said: "Those are sequins? Wow!"

Our Spring/Summer collection is on its way, make sure to join the Community to get a first look at the pieces and the first to be able to order. Many of the pieces are handmade in small numbers.
Jan 19th 2021
Ghesal to BORN Community:

Ghesal said: HAPPY NEW YEAR!!
Hi, I know I've been away for a bit, I've been working hard on new items for BORN and laying the groundwork for spring and summer. I will have a lot more to share soon, 2021 is going to be a really exciting year for all of us! I just finished a few samples after a lot of work spent on fine details. A long sleeve version of the Blush Blouse is coming soon, with a slightly longer length with some other updates.

I’ll let you all of you know when it’s ready for pre-order. I already have a number of items in the works for Spring/Summer that I think you’ll love. If any of your are interested in being a fit model please let me know.

What else would you like to see in our signature Blush Fabric or more feathers?
xx Ghesal

Community to Ghesal:

Lauren said: "I love the long sleeves on this blouse!! I would love to be a fit model if you will have me! "

Madison said: "Hey Ghesal, Your blush fabric is fabulous. I would like to see pants with it!!! But either way it's pretty shirt."


Kim said: "oooof! that’s PERFECT for valentine’s day in the living room 🥀"

Tiri said: "Super Spring!!!"

Miranda said: "any idea when will that rosey beauty be avail?" 

Jenna said: "oh my gosh yes please🌷🌸"

The long sleeve Blush Blouse will be available soon, along with other items in our Spring/Summer collection. Join the community to be first to get photos and get access to some really limited pieces.
January 6th 2021
Ghesal to BORN Community:

Ghesal said: Hi guys!! Hope you had a fun weekend! We have been working on a Blouse and I wanted to get some feedback from you if you have a sec. I'm reaching out to you first before anyone else sees it.  What do you think, any feedback, anything you'd like to see? Should we do a preorder?
xx Ghesal 🥰

Community to Ghesal:

Lina said: "Duh Gorgeous"

Erica said: "I loveeee 😻😻"

Denise said: "Gorgeous! Would love additional color options too 😍 I’d love any neutrals or a light blue or red"

Molly said: "OMGGG"

Naomi said: "is it sheer? I'm ready to order lol!"

Uroosa said: "This piece is breathtaking, my goodness. That chartreuse color is to die for! I absolutely love the romantic, shirred ruffle accents. Drop the preorder, girl! 

Lisa said: "Hi! Thank you for sharing this with us! The shirt is beautiful! I love the color!"

Did you love this top? Do you want in on the preorder if we launch one? Let us know!
September 2nd 2020

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-Ghesal Founder @ BORN SUPPLY

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